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My Bio

Born and raised in Sydney, 'Dad' to five and now 'Pa' to eight, worked in retail since 1967. Started scriptwriting in 1997, and am still getting nowhere. Gave up retail and went into real estate in 2004, had a major heart attack in May 2005, but I'm still kicking! Didn't do much writing for a number of recent years, mainly due to the almost total destruction of the Aussie film industry by bureaucrats and the tax office, but I started writing again in 2008.

My Occupation

Saw the crunch coming in real estate in early 08 so went back to menswear retailing, managing a shop in Southport. Still dabbling in real estate and not really doing much writing at all at the moment, just can't get motivated, which isn't really a problem as I can't see anything happening in the film industry anyway at the moment.

Found a lump on my neck earlier this year (09) and had it removed in June. It's bloody thyroid cancer, which puts a certain sense of urgency into my writing, but also explains a lot of the lethargy, depression etc I've been feeling lately. It's not going to beat me, I've got 5 grand daughters I intend to see walk down the aisle, even though the oldest is only 11 at the moment. I've laos got to see some of my films made, and NOT as a memorial to me either!

My Hobbies

Ah, let's see...

Writing perhaps?

My family, kids and grandkids take up a lot of my spare time, as does my house and yard.

how about tinkering around with old cars,

Oh yeah, and my music, I LOVE heavy metal music!

My yuku Posts

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